Hello World : finally my first organic blog

First of all thank you for reading my blog.

I’m happy to share the knowledge which I have. It is not much but you know, Sharing is Caring.

Of course you may always add a comment to my articles right.

So let me introduce myself.

My name is Marlon, born in Surinam in the early seventies, where I did my high school and after that I left for the Netherlands for a few years. Hm, since my youth I grew up (thanks to my parents) with the basics of agriculture.

Back in my homeland, I think in 2013 I did professional experience in agriculture, permaculture and fishfarming within a boarding school.

So now I actually live in Angola and last week, during a little masterclass in organic planting my wife adviced me to start blogging.

What this masterclass was about, I’ll explain in one of the next blogs.

Till then, take care.


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